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Nurse Calling system

I-Call is the new method to communicate in Hospitals, between patients, Nurse and Doctors, in case of simple help till the Emergency call.

The nurse calling system is a system that is developed with high technology to provide your patients a unique experience staying in your health care institution.

هي الطريقة الجديدة للتواصل في المستشفيات بين المرضى والممرضات والأطباء في حالة المساعدة البسيطة  حتى نداء الطوارئ



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What is the nurse calling system?

A nurse call light system is a communication system placed in medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics allowing patients in need of assistance to call for help with the push of a button, conveniently placed at the patient side.

The nurse call button signals staff, at the Nurse Call master station and at Duty Stations in utility rooms, recieve a message that a call has been placed by a patient.

A nurse call light on corridor dome light outside the room lights up to indicate the type of call.

This way a Nurse or Nurse Assistant can respond to the patient’s needs in a timely and efficient manner.


1- Nurse call button 

The nurse call button is usually placed beside the patient’s bed to be easily reached by the patient; the nurse call button makes an alarm in the nurses' room that a patient needs help.


2- Emergency doctor’s call

The nurse calling system also provides an emergency call if a patient is in need of a doctor’s assistance, and it is only accessible by the nurse who handles the patient’s case.


3- A smart phone’s application 

The application on the staff’s smart phone are linked to the system to gives the doctors alarm when there is an emergency call by the nurse for a patient.


4- Nurse call light 

The corridor dome lights are usually installed outside the patient’s rooms to visually alert staff members of a call in the room.


So, Nurse Call Systems help patients get the help they need when they need it.

This is the primary communication system between patient or resident and staff, improving quality of care and enhancing patient satisfaction.


Advanced Call reception unit.


Room control unit.


Call point.


Call unit.


Room device.


Light indicator.


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